School Calendar 2017-2018

First Quarter
(42 days) Begins Wednesday, August 16                                                   
                    Monday                           August 21                                       First Day of School
Monday                           September 4                                   Labor Day (School Closed)
Thursday                          September 14                                  Early Release
Friday                              September 15                                Progress Reports Issued
Thursday                         September 21                                 Rosh Hashanah (School Closed)
Thursday                         October 19                                     Early Release - End of 1st Quarter
Thursday                         October 19                                      Open House 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Friday                              October 20                                     Teacher Planning (NO SCHOOL for students)

Second Quarter (39 days) Begins Monday, October 23                    
Friday                              October 27                                    1st Report Card Issued
Wednesday                      November 10                                Veteran's Day (School Closed)
Thursday                         November 16                                 Early Release
Friday                              November 17                                 Progress Reports Issued
Monday-Friday              November 20-24                           Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)
Thursday                         December 21                                 Early Release - End of 2nd Quarter
Friday                              December 22                                 Teacher Planning (NO SCHOOL for students)
Monday-Friday              December 25-January 5               Winter Break (School Closed)

Third Quarter (51 days) Begins Tuesday, January 9
Monday                             January 8                                       Teacher Planning (NO SCHOOL for students)
Friday                                January 12                                     2nd Report Card Issued
Monday                             January 15                                     Martin Luther King Day (School Closed)
Friday                                February 9                                     Progress Reports Issued
Monday                             February 19                                   President's Day (School Closed)
Thursday                           February 22                                   Early Release
Thursday                           March 22                                        Early Release - End of 3rd Quarter
Friday                                March 23                                        Teacher Planning (NO SCHOOL for students)
Monday-Friday                March 26-30                                   Spring Break (School Closed)
Monday                             April 2                                             Easter Monday (School Closed)

Fourth Quarter (46 days) Begins Tuesday, April 3
Friday                                     April 6                                           3rd Report Card Issued
Thursday                                April 26                                         Early Release
Friday                                     April 27                                         Progress Reports Issued
Monday                                   May 28                                          Memorial Day (School Closed)
Thursday                                June 4-5                                         Early Release - Last Day of School
Thursday-Friday                   June 7-8                                         Teacher Post Planning

Final Report Cards will be Mailed Home by the end of June.
Mid-Terms, Finals and Special Events Will be Announced Throughout the Year.