Upper School Campus

The Randazzo School's elementary, middle, and high school preparatory curriculum incorporates communication skills (reading, writing, research), contemporary and traditional mathematics, life sciences, physics, government, geography, Spanish, environmental and social science. Higher order thinking, abstraction, creative problem-solving, and logical reasoning are essential elements of the program.

The Randazzo School individualizes curriculum in language arts and mathematics for each child in Grades K through 12. Children work at their own rate and level in the basic core areas. This is accomplished through individualized work assignments, small group projects, and computerized instructional programs.

The Randazzo School is particularly concerned that children who complete the early elementary grades have a strong foundation in the basic skills (reading, writing, and arithmetic). Mastery of basic skills is a prerequisite for success in the upper grades and requires systematic practice. To ensure that such repetitive skill building exercises are applied in a stimulating format, The Randazzo School utilizes a sophisticated, fully interactive computerized instructional package in elementary reading, language arts, writing, and mathematics for all students in Grades K through 8.

The computerized system is designed to permit students to progress through the content as quickly as they are capable of doing. The package not only presents the materials, but tests and periodically reviews content as well. Students who have yet to master the materials are returned to earlier lessons automatically until competency levels can be fully demonstrated. The computerized system also charts the progress of each child's academic basic skills.