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Course Syllabus


Instructor: Mrs. Shannon Lucieer

Room: 4

School Phone:  954-968-1750

Journalism:  First Hour, Wednesdays & Fridays


TEXT: Journalism Today, Seventh Edition.  McGraw-Hill-Glencoe.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for high school students to be able to actively participate in the world of journalism.  Students in this specific class will be responsible for the production of the Randazzo newsletter.  Emphasis will be placed on acquiring knowledge about basic techniques and styles of journalism through original creative methods, including print and broadcast journalism, photography, newspaper layout and design, video and film techniques, and computer graphic design/digital imaging.


Students will:

· create, produce and exhibit various pieces of journalism; experimenting with a variety of media techniques and styles.

· develop the vocabulary necessary to explain tools, techniques, methodology, perception, and the evaluation of journalism and mass media.

· develop an understanding and analyze how the mass media is directly and indirectly involved in every aspect of life.

· identify and understand historical perspectives of journalism and mass media, including various media from the perspective of world cultures over the course of human history.

· learn and use the ethics of journalism and mass media and successfully combine the tenets of truth and fairness with empathy.


Assessment methods include student portfolios, classroom projects with scoring guides, in-class participation guides, and constructed response/performance event evaluations in writing.  Students will be graded on their specific contributions to the school newsletter and morning announcements.  Student grades will be determined by total points on a standard 100 point system.

Week 1      Introduction
Week 2      Chapter 1 - Looking Back: The History of Media
                Short Essay
                September Newsletter