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Acrostic Poems


         Students will compose acrostic poems using their names as the subject.

         Students will find clip art or other art that pertains to their poem to use to illustrate their work.

         Students will type their acrostic poems onto PowerPoint slides.

Technology Skills

         using PowerPoint to display student writing

         inserting a digital image into a document

         importing clip art, WordArt, AutoShapes, or images from the Internet

Programs Needed

         a presentation program such as PowerPoint

         a digital camera (optional—for taking pictures of the students)

Step by Step Directions

  1. Have students compose acrostic poems about themselves. They begin by writing their names vertically. They then use each letter in their names as the beginning of a word or line that describes something about themselves.
  2. Have students open PowerPoint and select a blank slide.
  3. Students then go to the toolbar and choose Insert and then Text Box.
  4. Have students type their poems onto the PowerPoint slide.
  5. Students can then click on the Insert menu and select the Picture option. They should choose Clip Art if they would like to select an image from the Microsoft Clip Gallery. If they are adding their own pictures to their slides, or images they have found on the Internet, have them select From File and select the folder in which the picture has been saved. They can also select AutoShapes or WordArt from the same menu.
  6. You can compile all of the PowerPoint presentations and show them at Open House or Back to School Night. (For instructions on timing a presentation, see PowerPoint tips)

Extension Ideas

Acrostic poems could be written for almost any topic, such as book characters, animals, U.S. States, or school subjects. Instead of using PowerPoint, students could write their acrostics, type them into word processing documents, and add borders for effect. To add a border, students should choose Format and select Borders and Shading. They then click on Page Border and select Art to scroll through the available options.