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1st & 2nd

Week 2 Dr. Seuss’ABCs
All About Me
Week 3 Shape Poem
Make a Story with Sesame Street™ Characters
Week 4 Cinquain Poems
I’m Special!
Week 5 Create Your Own Bookmarks
Publishing Student Work on the Internet
Week 6 Haiku Poems
Time for Kids to Read Current Events
Week 7 Name Poem
My ABC Book
Week 8 Put on a Happy Face!
Week 9 Lemonade Stand
Let’s Roll the Dice
Week 10 Flower Power
Let’s Go to the Bank!
Week 11 Can You Solve This?
Quarters, Quarters, Quarters
Week 12 Create Your Own Flashcards
Mapping My Neighborhood
Week 13 Constellations in the Sky
Let’s Visit the Farm
Week 14 The Stages of a Butterfly
Betsy Ross
Week 15 Zoo Animals
What Resources Are in Your State?
Week 16 Hello in Many Different Languages
Bee, Bees, Bees
Week 17 Answers to Some Amazing Science Questions
Classifying Animals
Week 18 Encyclopædia Britannica Online
My Shape Animals
Week 19 All About Dinosaurs
The People of Japan
Week 20 Visit the White House via the Internet
Earth Day T-shirts
Week 21 Whose Animal Feet Are Those?
My 50 States
Week 22 Animals That Come from Eggs
My Weather Calendar
Week 23 I Have a Dream
The Four Seasons
Week 24 Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
It’s Spring!
Week 25 Easter Eggs
My Mom
Week 26 Father’s Day Postage Stamp
Happy Grandparent’s Day
Week 27 Leaves Are Falling
Turkey Talk
Week 28 Coupons: A Gift from the Heart
Let’s Build a Snowman
Week 29 What’s Hanging Around Your Door?
Name Tags
Week 30 I Know My Colors
Week 31 Making Perfect Squares and Circles
Why Is the Sky Blue?
Week 32 Dot-to-Dot
Make Your Own Word Search!
Week 33 Family Trees
Make Your Own Postcards
Week 34 School Is Fun!
Word Art Creations
Week 35 Picture Shapes