Lower School Campus

A Model Preschool Program for Children 1 to 5 Years Old

Children learn more during their first critical years than at any other time in their lives. The Randazzo School carefully provides the nurturing environment and educational opportunities which will help your child grow and develop in a model preschool program incorporating Montessori concepts and materials and utilizing an accelerated and individualized instructional program with training in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Practical Life Skills and Sensorial Activities. In addition, our enrichment program consists of: Computer Education, Music & Movement, Art Appreciation, Character Education, Nutrition & Cooking and Physical Education.

A Small School Environment with Big School Capabilities:

We believe a school should be small enough to permit every child to be known by name. Randazzo students know most every other child, teacher, parent and staff member. As a result, The Randazzo School does not provide an institutional type setting as seen in large school programs, but promotes a warm and caring family-like environment.

An Educational Program for Every Child:

We discourage the labeling of children and maintain that nearly every student can master a gifted program - with students themselves determining how quickly they can move through the materials. What is important, from our perspective, is not how quickly a child completes the materials but that he or she has mastered the concepts and can apply both creative and critical thinking skills to the subject matter.

A Program Designed to Promote Success:

Our instruction is largely individualized and students progress through the curriculum at their own rate. As a result, your child’s school experience at Randazzo is a series of successful experiences. Naturally, some students will progress through the concepts and materials faster than others - but emphasis is on accomplishment not failure.

Making Education Fun:

We feel school should not only be a successful experience for all children but also fun. When children experience success and accomplishment, it is easy to have fun in the process. This leads to a thirst for knowledge and growth - a primary value we wish to impart to our students.

Please contact
Theresa Souza (Administrative Assistant), or 
Fabiola Groves (Afternoon Administrative Assistant)
at the Lower School for more information at: 954-968-1905.

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