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Faculty and Staff

Administration & Staff



Dr. Ronald D. Simon, Headmaster



James N. Nolen, Principal



Tom F Comis, Assistant Principal



Ms. Moseman, Guidance Counselor, Resource Teacher Grades K through 12, 1st Grade Reading, 7th Grade Language Mechanics, and College Preparation for grades 11 and 12



Ms. Friedman, Speech and Language Pathologist





Ms. Middleton, Library Sciences/Librarian



Ms. Walkins, Physical Education for grades K through 12, and Spanish for grades 9 through 12



Ms. Italico, Kindergarten and Grade 1



Ms. Wilton, Grades 1 and 2



Ms. Berman, Grade 3



Ms Bergerhuff, Grades 4 and 5



Ms. Brandes, Math grades 6 through 8, Reading grade 7, Elementary Music



Ms Eden, Science grades 6 through 8, Art grades 6 through 8, ELA grade 8



Mr. Noel, Social Studies for grades 6 through 8, Journalism for grades 6 through 8, ELA grade 6          



Ms. Wunderlich, Grades 9 through 12 High School Classes